Amanda is a single mom to six children.  Five children still live at home and are all homeschooled at present . Their ages are  six,  eight, ten, twelve, and fifteen.  Combined the family has diagnoses of autism, pdd-nos ,  aspergers, GAD, PTSD,  ADHD, and ADD.

Besides having babies, Amanda spent her twenties as a married fairly isolated stay at home mom with some foray  in home daycare included . During this time two of her children were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Wanting to help them reach their potential, she began educating herself concerning autism, neurodiversity, and learning.

She spent her thirties being really depressed, earning her Bachelors of Arts degree in child development (cognitive development over the lifespan,family systems theory,minor communications) getting divorced, and learning to understand and express herself better.

Part of that understanding included being evaluated and diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (pdd-nos old label)  and ADHD (inattentive type) on top of complex ptsd. She doesn’t talk about the ptsd much.

She also moved to Baltimore and so obviously questions her decision making.

Amanda tends to obsess over how the mind learns, science and nature, autism, disability in the media, and Sherlock Holmes and so writes blogs and articles on these topics.  She also has  several different writing projects going, and performs online research for money.


Amanda was named a 2013 Quora top writer for her quality answers in parenting, autism topics, and her blogs “Autism Acceptance” and “Encourage Creativity.”  It was a distinction given to  450 writers out of approximately 40 million distinct users. Before deciding to depart as an active writer, she had two thousand subscribers. Quora offered her Top Writer 2014 as well, if only she’d agree to have work published without any real credit and overlook serious access, harassment and ableist issues for which Quora administration is responsible.

She told them where to shove it.

Amanda also doesn’t get why “about” sections are always written in third person, because come on, who do you think Is writing this sh*t?

Ohhhh yeah, and she also occasionally cusses.







7 thoughts on “About

  1. msanjelpie says:

    Hi Amanda, – Follow you intently on Quora for obvious reasons… Just wanted to say I read your blog post and ‘please’ don’t delete your personal content, ‘please’ just change it to anonymous. For those who have already read it under your name it won’t matter, but for the thousands to come, it will help them tremendously in so many ways.

    That’s all I wanted to say, no need to respond.

    Jean Marion – Quora Top Writer 2012, 2013

  2. Found This Painted That says:

    Could you be any cooler? Your kids are so blessed to have you as their mom and teacher! I couldn’t stop scrolling through your posts in awe. My kids are grown and though we went through stuff, the stuff was not ongoing. I’m sorry people left less than lovely comments, a fool will always be a fool. Thank you for loving your kids the way you do!!

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