The Dust Bunny and Penny Dragon War

It’s finally well above freezing so the cats are shedding.
Bee was holding our cat Quazi this morning and when put down, a cloud of hair followed.
This hair, combined with my hair and the kid’s hair and Kevin’s (fiancee guy i keep mentioning) hair plus dust and what not that seven people contribute to,
make some fearfully large dust-bunnies.

While sweeping up the floor this afternoon I kept having to dodge children who seemed set in trouncing through my dust piles.
“Watch it, these dust bunnies are dangerous. One false move, and you’re a goner.”
Bee: “What do they do?”
“I’ve seen it with me own eyes. One minute a kid’ll be walking along, next minute they’ll be dragged under the sofa, never to be seen again.”
Tessa: “moooooooom. no they do not!”
Me: Oh aye they do. It’s a dreadful sight. (for some reason,  i switched to pirate voice)
Tessa: its not April fools yet is it?
“I’m going to step in it and prove you’re just being silly.”
“Ack! No!!  I’m joking I’m joking!!!!”
After she steps away, “Maybe.”
Aidan suggested that the dust bunnies and the penny dragons were bitter enemies.
“Oh yes, they’ve been at war for years.”
“But,” Lily says, “they breath fire! the dust bunnies would be toast!”
“True, but they’re fiercer than you think, they have STEALTH and nasty big pointy teeth!”

Aidan says “That sounds kind of Holy Grail.”

“You’ve seen Holy Grail????”  (how did i not know this?)

“Yep. ” He then yells:”WATCH OUT THEY”VE TAKEN THE LOVE SEAT!!!” (we dont have a love seat)

Later he said, “we need this in a story.”

So here it is. I think it would make a delightful if somewhat dark children’s book.



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