Putting it all Together – Home schooling High school

End of the year paperwork takes up much of my spring free time.

This year, there’s a new twist.

I’ve been an on and off again home educator for a total of twelve years now. I’ve dabbled in classical education, Charlotte Mason curriculum, tried structured school like and relaxed and used canned curriculum and designed my own. I have taught gifted kids and those with significant learning challenged.

Been there, done that.

Except for one thing,

high school

I’ve never home-schooled a year of high school.

Until now.

Now I have a young teenager wrapping up ninth grade.


Going about taking all the stuff we’ve done this year and organizing it all into to some semblance of something transcript-y looking that I can turn in to the umbrella school has been more difficult that I expected. It’s easier for traditional studies like English. Here is a rough of the course description for his composition studies:

English Composition

Text: Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students (this is a book for a one semester college course that I stretched out to make more 9th grade friendly)
Sharon Crowley, Debra Hawhee 427 pages (projected to complete entire book)
Credit – 1
Ancient Rhetorics: Their Difference and the Differences They Make
Kairos and Rhetorical Situations, Stasis Theory, Asking the Right Questions
Common Topics and Common Places, Logical, Ethical, Pathetic and Extrinsic Proofs Arrangement of Argument
Style: Compositions and Ornament, Memory and Delivery

Weekly Reading Assignments (no points) As Chapters are lengthy and technical, we finished approximately one chapter per month.
End of Chapter Writing Assignments worth 10 points per -140 points total
1. Define and list examples of three types of persuasive argument – 10/10
2. Write a comparison between a book and its movie -10/10
3. Write a “Chreia” for a line from a favorite poem or song 10/10
4. Write a second Chreia describing a famous landmark 10/10
5. Defend and then refute an argument concerning an issue in the news (gun control) 9/10
6. Following Alphonius’s instructions, compose a common place against someone who commits acts of terrorism – 10/10
7. “Elvis has left the Building” is part of a long enthymatic argument whose other premises are never stated, can you explain them? 8/10
8. Write a rhetorical comparison of two candidates for President of the United States, who do you think is more qualified? 7/10
9. Compose three “sketches” describing three landmarks or historically significant objects 10/10
10. Using the shooting that occurred during the standoff at the Malheur Wildlife Sanctuary, test the reliability of the eyewitness accounts using criteria discussed in Chapter 8. 8/10
11. Examine two speeches of famous rhetors or writers. Find examples of insinuations, narratives partitions, and peroration. 10/10
12. Using a passage of your writing, re-write some sentences using examples of figure of speech discussed in chapter 10.  10/10
13. Using a lengthy passage from a favorite author, write a new piece imitating the style and structure /10 (not yet completed)
14. Paraphrase a stanza from the poem “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” converting it into prose. /10 (not yet completed)

Schedule: one hour 4 times a week (He’ll have put in 160 hours between June 2015 and April 2016)


I can work with.

On the other hand, combining all of our hiking activities we’ve had since start of school year into a 1/2 credit of P.E. is trickier. I’m adding time spent for Nature Quest, will be listing all the parks visited and trails completed, as well as designing some projects to cap the year off with.

Thankfully, there are quite a few resources available for figuring it out.

One I’m finding invaluable is Let’s Homeschool Highschool.com

(I am not associated with the site in any way other than being a fan)

When it’s all put together , I’ll share it with you…






One thought on “Putting it all Together – Home schooling High school

  1. dkjsv05 says:

    Yes, configuring high school has taken up the majority of my brain. The reading list alone is driving me bonkers, this author file under British, that author file under American, and don’t forget about World Lit.

    Think about how much work it takes a teacher to plan out lessons for one class, we are planning all of them. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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