Just Walkin the Dog – Baltimore Street Harassment

I’m typically a point A to point B person. I don’t go walking in the city unless I have somewhere to go and then its either not a long walk, or I typically have someone with me.  I never was out walking just to walk.

I am now.

We have a dog and she needs walked about three times a day.

I have discovered that any day its above 40 degrees and we’re not out obscenely early I can look forward to being harassed for merely being a woman on the street.  I thought I had seen my prime for this sort of thing but noooooooooooo.

Apparently groggy, makeup-less overweight forty year olds can be targets.

Tits and ass are apparently all I need to possess to be hollered, whistled and shouted at with gems such as:

“Hey Baby, why don’t you smile? Aint you got a man?”

(not that pretty/thin women invite or deserve that either)

It’s usually a drive-by but this morning the guy was walking behind me.

I ended up letting him pass, crossing the street, and walking back home.

The dog shit on the kitchen floor.

You know what I hate?

That I either need to put up with it, take Kevin (fiance person I keep mentioning) or have him do it by himself.

I shouldn’t need to take protection, go out at 6am, or not go at all.

I shouldn’t.

I do.







3 thoughts on “Just Walkin the Dog – Baltimore Street Harassment

  1. agrajag says:

    It’s surprising to me that this kinda bullshit is so common in at least parts of USA. It isn’t in Norway and it isn’t in Germany, but it is in India.

    And if I didn’t know better, I would’ve guessed USA to be more similar to Germany and Norway than to India. And yet, I know several American and Indian women who report similar experiences to the ones you report here. And none in Norway or Germany.

    Not in the sense that it NEVER happens here, but in the sense that it happens a lot more rarely, and usually it takes “higher risk” situations for it to happen at all.

    If you’re 20, it’s Saturday evening, you’re by yourself and scantily clad AND you’re walking by some group of drunk guys hanging around outside a bar, then the odds go up. On the other hand, being 40 and simply taking the dog for a walk in a residential area in broad daylight, the risk would be (I think and hope) damn close to zero.

    I’m sorry. You’re right. You REALLY should not need any special precautions at all in order to be able to take a walk with the dog without being harassed.

  2. Megan McLaughlin says:

    I agree. You really should not need any special precautions to prevent this. Do you have any idea whether this is the same guy doing it repeatedly or a random assortment of guys?

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