Spring Planning

Two months to go

We have two months left of the school year. We’ll break for May and start back up in June with a modified summer schedule.  I believe we’ll nix most indoor studies and spend as much time outdoors as time allows.

Before summer though, comes spring,  and like last year, I’m in planning mode.

Goal one: Plan and plant this year’s pollinator garden


We had a good amount of bees and butterflies attracted to our pollinator garden last year.  I want to add some swamp milkweed to the bed. We also have plans to grow herbs and mint in containers.

Goal two: plan and create a shade loving garden for the front yard

Being a northern exposure with light blocked by the homes across the street, the front yard is always in the shade and somewhat cooler than other sides of the house. I want to plant a front bed with native shade loving flowers.

Goal three: to observe and photograph Moth Emergence


I already have a robin moth (Hyalophora cecropia) cocoon in the basement. I haven’t decided if I will photograph and release or keep it for its full life span and then try framing it.  I’d love to get a Luna moth cocoon as well.

Goal Four: start nature quest 2016


It’s almost time to grab another quest booklet and tackle Nature Quest 2016. This will be our third year participating in the hiking program run by Baltimore County Parks and Recreation.

personal goals

For myself I want to work on my writing more AND get out to photograph butterflies more. Specifically, this blog needs more attention.

I also have my homeschool paperwork to complete and turn in. I’m doing slightly better at it then previous years when I spent all of April in a panic. I will probably STILL spend April in a panic but hopefully not AS panicky as usual. 😀

How about you? What are your spring plans?



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