Following the Fossil Evidence (Early Elementary Science)

Happy Friday all!

It’s slowly getting to be Spring.

I cannot wait!

We need to get outside.

Just like last year on this date, I have some spring learning plans percolating in my brain.

Till then, we continue to cover Earth and Physical Science topics.

Continental Drift

Late January into February  we studied the layers of the earth, the crust, and platectonics.


This continental drift puzzle from LabAids shows how fossil and sedimentary rock are evidence that the continents used to be one.

This study flowed rather easily to the study of fossils as evidence of the past, as well as dinosaurs and past eras of life.

Concepts and Themes

  • Definition of a fossil,
  • Types and examples of fossils
  • Fossils as evidence of the past
  • Eras of the Earth
  • Decay
  • Petrification, imprints, molds and casts
  • Dinosaur extinction
  • Types of dinosaurs and other extinct prehistoric animals (traits, comparison)
  • Evidence over opinion and myth

Fossil Activities

We made our own dinosaur tracks


We also looked up photos of real dinosaur tracks.

With these activities from the American Geosciences Institute,

we made a petrified sponge “bone,”

DSCN0043 DSCN9990


and plaster cast/mold “fossils”




We also looked at a piece of petrified wood.

For videos we watched the Bill Nye the science guy episodes  “Fossils” and “Dinosaurs”
and the Magic School Bus episode “Busasaurus”

Books we read were:

DK Eyewonder “Dinosaurs”
How Big Were Dinosaurs?

The littles have also been binge watching Dinosaur Train on Netflix.

Next week we’ll take advantage of the warmer weather to go Fossil Hunting at Calvert Cliffs.



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