Frozen eggs, nuclear forces, true love and the white food theory

Morning! I hope all of my U.S readers are staying warm and safe today.

This week we discovered that someone’s been messing with the fridge temp thingy again.


a frozen egg

Beyond that one should not mess with the thingy, the children learned that when you drop two items of differing mass, absent differences in wind resistance, they’ll still hit the ground at the same time. Yay Galileo!


We dropped many things, many times. We should have tried frozen eggs, but it didn’t occur to me.

Enough things were dropped enough times to get my fiance (working in the basement) to come upstairs to figure out what the hell was going on.

(Link to the pbslearning resource we used for our activities)



Just as with magnetism and electricity studies, we listed the four fundamental forces of nature. I’m not tackling strong and weak nuclear forces with lower elementary kids, but they aren’t too young to learn they are fundamental forces.  We’ll dive into atoms more next year.  We also read books and watched more programs about Galileo and gravity, as well as learned about ancient people’s beliefs/uses for the night sky.

There was also a rather long documentary on Stone Henge that lost everyone’s save little bee’s attention about 45 minutes in.

I love listening to that man talk, but not even Donald Sutherland narrating could make it interesting.


Aidan is learning about and making tessellations in his math curriculum, which uses his strong point, geometry and trigonometry to review middle school arithmetic, which has been a long struggle for him. He’s hoping that next year he can use geometry to learn algebra. I do think its possible, but am still looking for the best direction/resources .

A nice coincidental thing occurred.

Little bee got her latest lab kit and it is also about gravity.


She made this fun little game on Wednesday.

Its also been snowing a bit.

These two pictures are the difference twelve hours and blizzard conditions make.

We’re in for possibly another foot today.

fridayevening sat. morning

We had to go to the store on Thursday in order to prepare for this.


This was the store.

Not only were the milk, toilet paper, and bread loaves nearly gone, but customers had also almost cleaned out the whip topping, sour cream, and eggs.  Kevin (fiance person I keep mentioning)shared a theory he read that it wasn’t just milk, toilet paper, and what not that sold, but white things in general.

Perhaps when the milks gone, people start reaching for things that look similar.

“Darn it! No milk! Sour cream? close enough.”

We shopped, got all the way to the checkout still living and then,  THEN I realized, I left my card at home.


Kevin was left waiting in the magazine aisle for forty minutes while I went to retrieve it.

That, is love.

And that’s it.

Stay warm.





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