Moon Unit (No relation to Ms. Zappa)


In the winter time I cover topics that do not need a warm/dry day such as space, the forces of nature, Newton’s laws…etc.

This week the littles (6-9 classroom kids) and Pete (autistic teen with expressive language impairment) learned about the moon. The other older kids did not pass up the cookies and joined us for videos as well.


Making the moon cycle with GF  off brand “Oreo” Cookies




Books Read:


The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons


and “Papa Please Get the Moon for Me”

Visuals/Activity Added to Work Area:

DSCN9987  DSCN9990

Phases of the Moon Chart (purchased from Amazon) used as control chart for three part “Moon Phase Cards” arranged in the lunar cycle (downloaded, you can find versions of these both as free downloads and for purchase)

Videos Streamed:


Apollo 11: First Steps on the Moon (“free” on Amazon Prime)

the moon

Bill Nye the Science Guy : The Moon (available to stream free or purchase online)

Pete’s Spelling/Vocabulary Words:

rotate, orbit, gibbous, crescent, full, new, moon, satellite, astronomer, telescope, luna


Pete practices spelling words using “I speak Word Wizard” on the Ipad.

Concept’s covered:

  • Why the view of the moon changes
  • Moon’s gravity causing tides
  • Eclipses
  • Lunar month
  • Moonlight is from the sun
  • Moon myths
  • Theory of the moon creation via asteroid impact

History discussed:

Apollo 11 Moon landing, briefly touching on other Apollo Missions


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