A Hufflepuff in the Deep, DARK Web of Darkness (Update 4)


It’s time for update four in my week of “Where the hell has Amanda gotten to?” – Updates!

The last update was about my last three months of bad news.

YET, and yet, at the exact same time, things are looking up.

When I see news articles about the “Deep” and or “DARK web,

I get the giggles because the hyperbole is rather thick.

For starters they often confuse “deep” with “dark” and then make it sound like its only for criminals.

I think of Sith Lords.


(Emperor Palpatine in “Return of the Jedi”)

and Finding Nemo.


(Finding Nemo screen cap, Dory, Marlin encountering the lantern fsh. Text reads “Google user in the deep dark web of darkness.”)

Anytime you use a topic specific search engine, site database, search function within a site or archive, or are NOT using popular search engines like google to find information, you are performing a “deep” web search.

If you use software (TOR) to hide your location/internet activity, THAT is dark web. It could be used to nefarious purposes but also for many other reasons including protecting the identities of the average Joe who just doesn’t want tracked, domestic abuse victims, undercover agents, political dissidents and whistleblowers.

Point is, it really aint all that.


(graphic depiction of an iceberg, were most is underwater, text sums up the previous paragraph)

I consider it a challenge to find information other people cannot.  It’s like a puzzle. Finding needles in haystacks of data is personally rewarding and I have done so over the years for free. However, of late I’ve also been paid to do it, which is really really cool. There’s actually a job/career in it. People who get paid to find information are called “Independent Information Professionals.”  Most of that is via “deep” web searches.

It doesn’t make me a Sith Lord, no, I’m

more like a huffelpuff.


(Graphic of “A Very Potter Musical,” several smiling people in robes and yellow ties. Text: “hufflepuff are particularly good finders”)

As my regular readers know, money is almost a continual issue round here. I think the previous update makes that clear.  Yet,  I’ve also had opportunities for this work that have made the future seem much brighter.

I am still blogging here obviously, and still writing on parenting, autism, nature, and learning. That won’t stop.

It will always be important, closest to my heart.





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