Cracking the Code – Autism and Literacy (update one)


I’m a bad, bad blogger of late.

I’m not going to apologize.


I’ve just been extra busy and its cutting into my blogging time.


Shakespeare and a computer, to blog or not to blog

What I am going to do, is explain a bit why, via updates I’ve been promising for who knows how long now.

Let’s do an update, one day at a time this week.

There really is that much to fill you in on.

For starters, my youngest son (premature, learning disability, pdd-nos diagnosis) has reached a milestone that has me doing backflips.

Well, not really.

I am not and have never been capable of backflips.

Inwardly though, you bet I am.

Mental happy backflips, whooping and dances have been occurring.


snoopy dance

The youngest boy will be nine in September. He began special ed on his third birthday and was in school from then until seven and a half years old. Every year they covered literacy skills, and yet when I pulled him he couldn’t remember the names of the letters with any consistency nor any sounds. He memorized sight words long enough to test and then quickly forgot them. We spent then until recently learning the names and more importantly sounds of the letters.

He traced sandpaper letters.

He wrote in sand.

He practiced with the moveable alphabet.

He used Montessori “pink series” activities.

The little dude has been working very hard, and feeling frustrated.

He often forgot the sounds and had extreme difficulty blending the sounds to form the words.

This past month,

THE boy has cracked the code.


We’ve been busy with lessons Monday-Thursday. In the last month he has begun to read and is advancing rather quickly in skills.

So yes, inward happy backflips are happening.

This goes beyond the  obvious wonderfulness of literacy.

There is nothing


more important that means to express oneself.

Learning a mode of communication beyond speech is ESSENTIAL.

It’s more important than how one gets along with peers.

It’s MORE important than social skills.

It’s EVEN MORE important than speech in my opinion.

It ticks me off when so called professionals make speech such a priority that alternative methods are not taught. It makes me livid to see it NOT a priority with non or low verbal students.

Yet even with talking kids,

No matter how hard you work on it,

even if language skills are strong,

chances are there a times when the words just leave

and a BACKUP way to express wants and needs is NECESSARY.

The written word is the most expressive of visual methods of communication.

And my guy…

is finally getting it.





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