Bacteria, Schedules, and Spelling App demonstration (Wednesday picture diary)


My throat is sore, and I’m feeling blah. It’s completely unacceptable, I have too much to do, and too much (including a presentation this Saturday) coming up.

I need my voice.

Pictures from week two of our summer schedule:

Monday we checked on the bacteria cultures we started last week. These are merely from agar being exposed to the air outside.


Tomorrow we’ll add test squares of antibacterial agents to one dish to observe how they inhibit growth. We’ll also start cultures of swabs of household surfaces.

Pete and I went on our weekly shopping trip. He wrote most of this list, selected most items, checked off all items, and scanned the groceries himself.


My brother made this clipboard 30 years ago. 🙂

Here’s a look at our summer schedule for the littles:


It’s the first year I’ve done a wipe off checklist for the littles.  Granted its only week 2, but they seem to be enjoying it.

Aidan’s rhetoric assignments for the month:


This is posted on the wall next to his weekly assignments. He reads this, and the rest of the schedule, and plans his work time accordingly along with his chores. He’s pretty good at time management. I only check with him now and then to see how its going.

Lily looks at her weekly schedule and creates a checklist for herself before beginning in the morning:



Finally here’s another video app example, demonstrating how Pete uses the “Word Wizard” app from Escapadou to practice spelling words:




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