Hot water consumer zombies (the noise of life)

Morning  🙂

I’m finding, even without broadcast tv, a weariness of the constant push to get me to consume/buy/upgrade stuff.

Its just  a never ending noise. I even thought a bit yesterday, about what it would be like to be “off the grid” entirely, to avoid ALL of it.

Then I am reminded,

WHY I wouldn’t last long in a zombie apocalypsezombiechart
 Even though I can dance the Thriller.

I don’t think its the brain eating walking dead that would get me.

Its not the lack of 21st century technology, or even isolation.

I can do isolation.

I see myself as an eventually aged  hermit on a mountaintop with huge signs like this one:


This future aged hermit will have electricity in which to run a well and water heater.

I am a wuss without a hot shower.

I think my desperation for hot water would spell my doom while everyone else is dying by zombie. The same thing goes for living :”off the grid” (unless I had a super impressive solar set up that could keep a hot water heater going)

Last night  while I was getting the littles ready for bed, the electricity went out .

We finished getting ready for bed  by cell phone glow and LED tea light.

Utmost thought on my mind was not,

“If the electricity is out tomorrow how shall we eat? stay cool? manage our day??”




It was, “uggghh. what if I cant get a hot shower?”

Mincemeat I tell you.

I once had a “conversation” with a woman trying to convince herself she had “caught” autism, at the age of 45 from power lines. It was a huge government conspiracy. Why the government would be motivated to do that, she never said.

Couldn’t  I “hear the hum?” The loud humming in her mind made her miserable. Now I think, she probably needed to see a psychiatrist instead of justify her paranoia. She was also mistaking symptom for cause, a not uncommon thing.

BUT she was right, there is a HUM.

Its most evident to people when the power is out and then comes back on. Some people do hear it all the time. Some electronics are hummy-er than others. This can really be an issue for hearing sensitive autists because other sound on top of that hum is really quite a din.

Water fears aside, It was nice to fall asleep to the sound of nothing.

The electricity stayed out until about 12:30 am, when everything went ROARING back on and sent me flying out of bed, or rather, off the couch, in a panic.

After checking to make sure all the lights were off, I went back to sleep secure in the knowledge my morning shower would be all good.

I suppose I can deal with constant ads and product placement.

So what do you think would be your doom should zombies descend?


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6 thoughts on “Hot water consumer zombies (the noise of life)

  1. agrajag says:

    Solar water-heaters are easy; they’re super-common in some sunnier climates, saw thousands of them on the roofs of homes and hotels in Cyprus, for example. You’d be okay if you were somewhere sunny.

    I’m not sure what electricity-powered gadget I’d miss first; I sometimes go with no electricity for a week or so hiking in the mountains and that’s not really much of a inconvenience. I don’t like non-electric razors, so I suppose that’s something. And obviously, if it’s in Norway or somewhere similarly far north, then LIGHT is pretty much a requirement in winter — what do you want to do in winter without good light ? There’s only 5-6 hours of daylight here in December, and that’d suck without artificial light.

    I’d also miss being able to communicate with those of my friends who live far away. But that wouldn’t kill me; just make me grumpy.

    • amandasmills says:

      You have a point, if I went somewhere with more light, it would work. It gets dark here too, though I know, not as dark as Norway. I was thinking of that fellow on quora who lives in mexico, if I remember right his solar set up does not provide for hot showers, but he uses it for evening internet to connect with people. 🙂

  2. h4rrish4wk says:

    Not being with Link, if I’m with Link (physically) then should the zombies rise we’re all good. But NOT being around Link…yeah – zombies would get me.

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