Reality tv, Freaks, Sifaka and Traumatic Haiku

Morning ūüôā

Thank you for all the kind comments on my last post. I am thinking of scheduling another walk for next week.

Do you all watch reality tv? I don’t, so I wasn’t much use in this past week’s #filmdis discussion on the topic. I have seen snippets of them here and there and fighting and high drama seems to be a common element.

Another is novelty.

My son Aidan says that while our family may be novel we simply aren’t interesting¬†or screamy.

We’d make for excruciatingly boring reality tv.

We’re on our month break for schooling before summer session starts. I’ve been planning out 9th grade for the eldest which will include microbiology, geometry, ancient rhetoric, world history, and creative writing.

I’ve also been working on putting finishing touches on my paper and my talk I’ll be¬†presenting at a Sherlockian symposium in a little less that a month, as well as book on¬†nature study. I want to announce more about that soon and am also contemplating setting up a site for more serious writing about media representation of invisible disability.¬† Right now I’m re-reading¬† “Pop Culture Freaks: Identity Mass Media and Society, and “How Fantasy Becomes Reality: Seeing through media influence.”

That’s what I’ve been doing.

It’s not particularly¬†trend setting¬† or Kardashian-esque¬† I ¬†know.

Other highlights this week:

This past Sunday we went to the Maryland zoo, which though only about 5 miles away,¬†we’ve¬†never been to before.


I have mixed feelings about zoos and keeping wild animals in captivity, especially those¬† cognitively complex enough to have awareness. (to know, “this isn’t my home”, “this isn’t what my home should be like”, “I’m lonely”…etc)


The sifaka lemurs seemed pretty content.

The leopard on the other hand…miserably pacing a small circle ( worn down into a groove), I felt for him.

Monday I organized the spare room into a study for myself.

I also gave “shiny armor” a new hairdo. Tessa was unappreciative.



Tuesday I had to remove a very much alive and frightened mouse from my kitchen sink. I wrote a haiku, to commemorate the occasion:

“Not in my job description”

Twas in my sink
it is now relocated
cat is on notice

Wednesday we went to “Font Hill Wetlands Park” for our biweekly butterfly count.¬† However it was cooler and breezy and not one butterfly fluttered by.


The paths were covered in helicopter seeds. Lily gathered up a few to bring home to use in the confetti cannon she made this week. We also gathered tadpoles for observation. They are loving lettuce and betta food.

DSCN0152 DSCN0169

Today will be more writing, planning, and cleaning. Tonight starts our summer schedule where the kids will spend Friday-Sunday with their Dad.

Tomorrow is the autism positivity flash blog, which I hope to do something for.

And that’s it.

Hope everyone is doing well.




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