This is not the mom you are looking for. Move along. (Baltimore Riots)


Monday afternoon/evening as most of the world knows, there was rioting in Baltimore. It was kicked off by a group of teenagers.   Police officers, journalists, business owners and other bystanders were attacked. Buildings from businesses to a housing development for seniors were burned to the ground. Stores were looted. Cars were destroyed. Fire fighters were ambushed.

I want to thank everyone who tweeted/emailed notes enquiring about our safety.

We’re fine.

Our neighborhood has been quiet and we’ve been avoiding downtown/areas were incidents have been centered.

Monday night an online parenting magazine contacted me hoping I’d share what “families/moms are concerned about in Baltimore.”

I suspect its because the topic is trending.

I think I can speak for all mothers generally in that we want our children to be safe, to have opportunities, to  stay away from criminality.

We’d like justice as well.

However, I can’t speak for most Baltimore moms beyond that because, despite living here and being poor, I don’t share many of their concerns and struggles.

I’m white.

Really, really very WHITE.


I blame the Danish DNA

The average Baltimore mom is single, poor, working class, and African American.


(tweet from me: I’m a poor white disabled single mom living in Baltimore and never assume to know their (African American) struggle of speak for them)

Like Ms. Smith in the tweet below, I don’t think sharing in adversity as a minority makes me an honorary member of another.

virtually black

(tweet from Mere Smith concerning a quote from director Paris Barclay “I’m a back,gay mans, so I’m virtually a woman” Ms Smith says “Now try to imagine me saying I’m “virtually black” since I’m queer and a woman.”)

We are privileged in many respects.

I was home with my children.

 This is a privilege most moms here DO NOT have.

Most were working Monday.

Most moms have their kids in public school.

Older students take public transportation  to and from school.  They aren’t bussed. Shutting it down stranded everyone and left a crowd of cornered angry teenagers with no means home.

I DID NOT have to drive into what resembled a war zone, to look for my children.


(tweet picture of a van on a street with the words “i’m looking for my son” written on the back)

While I do worry, because of disability, my children will be seen by police as dangerous,

I have NEVER had to worry they will be judged so by the color of their skin.

I am just not the average Baltimore mom.

We are so far beyond the typical Baltimore family that

*throws up hands*

I can’t speak for them.

It would be ridiculous to try.

Outrage would be justifiable.

I’d be a hypocrite.


It would be like Autism Speaks, trying to speak for autistic people.

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4 thoughts on “This is not the mom you are looking for. Move along. (Baltimore Riots)

  1. Amie Elna says:

    I love about 2 miles from Ferguson- so I understand the heartache of seeing your community in turmoil 😢 My thought and prayers are with you and all of us mothers raising our children in a hurting society!!

    • amandasmills says:

      Thanks Emily,
      Injustice has been here, for some time. Poor residents rightfully feel unsupported by city administration (myself included).
      Only change is..Now…we all have cameras
      The eldest was at the protests (which adding, despite the news, have been mostly peaceful) yesterday and law enforcement (possibly because of the addition of the national guard?) is being more accommodating/less aggressive.
      I worry about the response the day the officers involved with Gray’s death get off with probably not more than a reprimand because of lack of evidence.

      Hope all is well,

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