Post on posting the post, riots and racoon skulls

Hey minions,

Remember the paperwork I’ve been working non-stop on for an age?

Its for the umbrella school that helps us keep all of our state reporting requirements.

At 20 pages a child, its time consuming.

But now,

It is DONE.


Today I went to the post office and mailed it off.

In case the blog title and “about me” section hasn’t clued you in, we live in THE CITY.

I know “homeschooling” carries the presumption of white bread middle class planned community living, but its simply not the case for us.

It’s not gentrified.

It is not upper class.


We’re white bread below poverty line city dwellers.

I know we’ve made the news lately for  reacting to police thuggery by looting and vandalism, but I assure you most of us are mostly harmless. Sort of. Those people aren’t representative of justified outrage or my neighbors in general.

You couldn’t tell that from our post office though.

Mail is often dumped at the wrong address, and if it looks as if something interesting/valuable may be in it, tampered with.  Whether that tampering is by employees are after its placed on the porch, its impossible to say.  They can’t keep a regular carrier for our neighborhood, so they  take turns.

Pick up is even trickier. You can’t assume they’ll see it, and if they do, that they’ll take it.

The best way to mail anything then, is to go to the post office.

My post office has a yelp rating of two, mostly because the counter is  open for 5 hours  and there are often lines.

The parking lot is quite small so its often necessary to park across the street.  Across the street is a fenced off older cemetery and on one post of that fence is a make shift memorial for a young man that was murdered there. Regularly refreshed balloons, stuffed animals, even sweatshirts with his picture adorn the spot. This memorial has been kept up for years, I don’t know much of the details around it. People don’t usually get shot around here.

The inside of the post office is older and rather dirty.  Bullet proof glass separates  the customers from the clerks.  A Hannibal Lector prison cell type drawer  is used for passing parcels, just in case we bite.


It smells too.

Today it had a subtle bouquet of burning rubber.

Anyway… they are SENT.

We went hiking today as well.

Banneker historical park and museum is a 15-20 minute drive away and offers hiking trails and museum dedicated to Benjamin Banneker, free African American colonist, scientist, surveyor and farmer.

Lily found what we think is a raccoon skull. It was brought home to keep the deer skull company.


We also completed a “Nature Quest” marker.


We came home to news of riots, burning vehicles, injured officers and otherwise chaos just north of us. Tonight we had a state of emergency declared and curfew imposed.

And yet, I still insist, most protests have been peaceful, characterized by a desire for justice. Its a shame the criminal actions of a few are being used to discredit/mischaracterize a primarily peaceful response.

I do not condone violent acts, or looting, or destruction of private property, but I do understand the anger and distrust.

Coming up on Nature in the City this week:

  • I will post three of the children’s paperwork so you get a glimpse at our past  school year (which began in June)
  • a review of “How to Raise a Wild Child”
  • possible Saturday vlog

I am really interested in your feedback. What would you be interested in my sharing? Do you have a topic or question you’d like answered in this Saturday’s vlog?

Let me know in the comments.


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