Bees and Butterfly, Green Fest and Fresh Air

Morning 🙂

“The blossoms were finally at peak this week – time to wake the bees!

Only two of the cocoons I ordered hatched. Even with following directions to the letter,

the rest were dead. 😦


Isn’t she the fuzzy-wuzzy-est?


ONE nest space has been filled.

It’s early yet though, we may have more activity from the mason bees this spring, as well as leaf cutter bees in the late spring and summer.

This Saturday we’ll get some seeds/native plants at Howard County Community college “Green Fest.” to work on our native pollinator garden.

As my readers know we spend time in several parks, primarily in Baltimore County and Howard County.  This year we’re participating in Howard County parks’ butterfly survey.

Our designated park is Font Hill.


Yesterday we had our first family butterfly walk of the year. It was a nice walk, even if disappointing butterfly wise. Do to weather, construction, contractors, waiting for phone calls, and unexpected trips to deal with unplanned headaches of paperwork, we hadn’t been out.

DSCN0026  fonthill7 fonthill8

We saw squirrels, Canada geese, a tiger beetle, minnows, tadpole and a garter snake.

We only counted two azure butterflies and they didn’t stop for a photo op.

Ah well.

It felt good to move.

Tomorrow Tess and I will be vlogging our trip to Greenfest. 🙂



One thought on “Bees and Butterfly, Green Fest and Fresh Air

  1. brightskymom says:

    We haven’t seen very many butterflies yet this year either (and none willing to pose!) — all your pollinator work is wonderful! Keep it up and happy Earth Day 2015!

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