Why We Will Never “Light It Up Blue”

Good Morning!

It’s finally a bit spring like and things are coming back to life.

I want to take a moment to thank Becca Makin and Jason Wills-Starin for contributing their support on Patreon. It’s a start, an every little bit counts.  🙂

It’s April, which means we’ll have a month long “awareness” money beg from Autism Speaks called “light it up blue.”

At our house we DO NOT support Autism speaks in any way, that includes their April “Light it up Blue” Campaign.

Why not?

Autism Speaks Has a History of:

  • Failure to include a single autistic person in Senior leadership
  • Supporting dangerous fringe movements including vaccination scares, and promoting a school that uses electric shock for behavior modification
  • Fundraising efforts that pull away resources from local charities that support services for autistics and their families and then designating only 4 percent of their budget to similar services
  • Fundraising that consists of outdated negative  disability rhetoric and fear mongering

My family has been called lost, tragic, “not living” but merely surviving in fear of my child’s next move.

  • Hostility toward and attempt to silence actually autistic voices.

These tactics have been denounced by ARC, The Autism Society of America, and most recently AS lost its only advisory member on the spectrum John Elder Robison author of “Look me in the Eye” and “Raising Cubby”
“Autism Speaks says it’s the advocacy  group for people with autism and their families.  It’s not, despite  having had many chances to become that voice.  Autism Speaks is the only  major medical or mental health nonprofit whose legitimacy is constantly  challenged by a large percentage of the people affected by the  condition they target.” -John Elder Robison

I happen to be one of those people who can not support any efforts that give them a façade of legitimacy or money to continue.

They do not speak for me, my autistic family, or my community.

For more information please visit:





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