The Adventures of Super Autism mom, and the unpaid bills.

Morning people.

My blog has been quiet lately because things haven’t been going the best.

Have you ever heard the term “supercrip?”

In short the “supercrip” is an archetype, a fictitious representation. The person who rises above it all, in spite of their disability. The person is BETTER even, than their non-disabled counterparts.

It sometimes feeds the expectation that a person with disability should be expected to rise above it, regardless of circumstances. It can affect how a person sees themselves, what they expect of themselves.


(image transcripts at the end of this post)

Four disabled people live in this house.

I am one of them.

I’ve said it before.

Acceptance is not about pretending everything is fine, and that having a disability is no big deal.


And yet,

in the case of current troubles it is my expectations for myself and a guilty feeling that I SHOULD be able to do it all that keeps me from asking for help.

We live, fairly happily, below poverty level, but money for extra and emergency expenses never seems to be there.

I want, YEARN for work that will pay for our needs outside of government assistance. I want independence. I blame myself for not being there yet.

img013 img012

Working isn’t working out.

Even when the children were in school,  their care took up most of my time and made me unavailable for typical work expectations.

The point of this post is not to ask for crowd-funding. I’ve done that once before when we were in an emergency situation, and for that I am grateful.   However, coming running to my readers every emergency is not a solution.

I’m going to begin using Patreon  to invite  readers  to become patrons.  Patrons would pledge a certain mpnthly amount  (as little as a dollar USD) for the content I produce.   Patrons can also cancel at anytime.  I would offer special content for meeting pledge goal such a Q and A or writing about topics patrons want to hear about.

I’m hoping that this will bring us a little relief to constant concerns.

You can find my patreon account HERE.

Heres me talking about it .


image transcripts

image 1  – super autism mom in a cape  text- reads “The Adventures of DUH DUH DUH DUH super Autism mom! she does it all! she cooks! she cleans! she supports her family! educates and writes! even while disabled! Wait a minute…

image 2 contains two panels one panel with a sad looking mom and bills, a child looking at the bills, children out of the scene are asking for things. Second panel mom is laying in bed worrying, clock says 2am.  “Actually she gets tired, and worries” Thought bubble reads: “water bill, porch fines, what do I do? I need to think”

image 3 reads “She tells her kids: “you are talented, creative, smart, beautiful just as you are” “practice and tomorrow you’ll be better than today” “there is no best way to be” “there is no such thing as perfect” “mistakes are  how we learn”

image 4 -mom is still in bed, its 3am.   Text reads: “but she has a hard time believing it herself.” “It so hard not to believe negative self talk.”  “All her mistakes, and every name flood her thoughts.”

thought bubbles read “I am so stupid.” and “Fuck up” “I wish you were never born. ” “Retard.” “Stupid” “Failure” Loser.”

video does not have transcripts.  I am explaining that content  would remain free.




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