A Week of Nature In the City

Happy Vernal Equinox!

Did you manage to “see” the eclipse? We’re in the wrong place for it.

Today is a good day  for a “week of” post. We made headway on our spring to do list.

Monday we hung up the bee houses, and Aidan put together the planter.


Pete is wondering where the bees are.  DSCN0011

Bee  built a hanging tiered water-er where the water flows from the top cup (in which a bean seed is sitting in water absorbent polymer) into the second cup (mustard seeds) and then into a third cup for collection.


She had quite a bit of polymer left over from the project so we started out beans seeds on the window with it as well.


Tuesday Pete and I bought dirt for the planter box and we started “Nature Quest” 2015. Three of us have colds, so we hit the easiest of trails- Catonsville’s  “Trolley Trail 9.” Tessa found a millipede and a red backed salamander.

DSCN0032 DSCN0046 DSCN0040 DSCN0038

The frogs are singing:


Wednesday we put the soil in  the planter  and I realized I was one bag short.  I started working on the April Calendar (yes, am ignoring the fact we’ve got a bit of March to get through).


Next I need to check  to see what is happening in the homeschool group and plan for that. I also have a massive amount of documentation to write and a speech/paper to finish.

Bee’s radishes were looking radical!  errr. radicle. (not sorry).


Thursday the beans were also growing.


Nothing much “Nature-y” happened Thursday. We all have colds so I cancelled a visit to the park and we did other stuff, like playing “No Stress Chess.”


Today it will be snowing and or raining all day.

This means, likely more board games and Netflix documentaries.

I also need to clean the bathrooms.

I think a picture montage of that might just be a little too wild for this blog.






3 thoughts on “A Week of Nature In the City

  1. brightskymom says:

    I’m interested in the 3 tiered water-er — did you do a post on how to set that up? Is it just 3 plastic cups with holes poked in the bottoms of the first two? I have some “water beads” that look similar to your water polymers.

    • amandasmills says:

      sorry not to get back sooner, it is just plastic drinking cups with holes punched with a tack and then made a little larger with scissor tips to pass hemp cord through. There is also a hole in the bottom middle with cord passed through and knotted to stay in the cup. this allows the water to drip down. I’m not sure I can post a step by step on it as its copyrighted via “groovy lab in a box” (and I don’t really recommend them, experiences with their kits is mediocre).

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