Cyanotype Art. “Pot”

Wow! its a super rare art post.


I continue to work on making my own handmade negatives  on transparencies to use in cyanotype printing.

This morning’s work “Pot”

Here is the transparency. I’ve been tracing pictures and then working on shading mostly but this one is completely free drawn.


I had three 5X7 pieces of watercolor paper left and decided to test different exposures at 5, 6, and 7 minutes.


Then I decided to add color/contour to the 5 and 7 and seven minute exposures using ink pencil, sharpe, and copic marker.

DSCN9988 DSCN9989 DSCN9990

Last week I made three different designs and a process video:


My fav. from last week is this one:





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