Little houses and Refrigerated Cocoons

Morning. 🙂

Our orchard bee housing is ready. As soon as the trees blossom we’ll hang them up in the back yard. We have three different types for the bees to choose from.

This one I bought.


Aidan made this one at a workshop.


The girls made this one out of a can.


I also received our starter bees. Even shipped with a cold pack two males  emerged in transit. One died, the other is hanging out in a butterfly flight cage. I feel badly for him. There is nothing  blooming for him so he can’t eat. Male orchard bees don’t live long after leaving cocoon, and like male honey bees, their main purpose is mating.


Poor dude. No food except sugar water and no female bees hatched yet.

These are the cocoons.


They are about the size of peas.

They are all in here until the trees bloom.


Till then they’ll be hanging out in the crisper drawer.


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