This week…

DSCN0010 DSCN0015

We went duckpin bowling with the homeschool group and I had a documentation meeting with the umbrella school that  makes sure our homeschooling meets state requirements. Yes, at the bowling alley.  Little Bee made a new friend and emails were exchanged.


Dining room table tennis was played. You get extra points for wall/picture/furniture ricochet. Points are lost for cat interference. Tessa described (she dictated what to write) the many variations of how she and her plushie cat “mittens” were the ball return, unless our cat “mouse” got it first.


School work was completed while still in pajamas.


Aidan started a study on “Ode to the West Wind.” The name of the poetry guide (schmoop) gives Aidan the giggles. He gets to decide when he wants to complete the first three assignments of the week, as long as he’s ready for discussion on Friday.

Bee worked on arrays (can also get a glimpse of a pajama clad Aidan on the floor working on geometry).


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