How many vaccines did Putin get? Immediate threats and bait.

Morning Minions!

Did ya miss me?

[crickets chirping]

I thought so.

Autism is in the news again, well, if it ever really left.

Recent tweets on twitter suggest that anti-vaccers must think their children are better off dead than autistic.

It’s not the case.

Those who do not vaccinate over autism concerns, in general, love their children very much, and of course would not rather have them dead.

Its not that they think measles and death is preferable. It is that autism seems more of a present immediate threat than the chances of being infected. Autism is a hot topic. Thanks to ableist media autism is perceived as a money draining, marriage ruining, dehumanizing curse. Even with the recent cases, measles seems much less a present threat.

If take fear fed by media, add anecdotal stories concerning vaccines, and mix in a lack of critical thinking, you get people unwilling to vaccinate.

On the off chance those occasional celebrities, politicians, and quacks with conspiracy theories may be on to something, they don’t want their kids growing up to be Putin.

This week CNN and USAToday broke “news” about a governmental think tank in 2008 suggesting Putin has aspergers. If you missed it, consider yourself blessed. The headlines went “Does Putin have Aspergers Syndrome?” This amazing governmental “think tank” concluded he has aspergers by analyzing his movements in social settings, and said they couldn’t know for sure without a brain scan. Brain scan isn’t used in diagnosis and neither is movement/non-verbal analysis  in social situations solely indicative of autism spectrum disorder.  There is also a theory it was major prenatal injury  that caused his disorder.  Ahem. We don’t know as yet what causes atypical brain development that leads to ASD symptoms.

The “expert” who signed off on this report backpedaled rather quickly, stating “his analysis was that U.S. officials needed to find quieter settings in which to deal with Putin, whose behavior and facial expressions reveal someone who is defensive in large social settings. ”

So why make “news” over a 2008 report with no scientific merit?

Autism is clickbait.

Putin is clickbait.

Combining them  drives traffic.

I am amazed that no one has questioned how many vaccinations little baby Putey received. That could really increase traffic whether or not it makes any sense.

I’ll let you know next post if it worked. 😉


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