Visual Strategies – Mapping lectures, outlines, and projects

Happy Saturday,

I hope its going well.

Mine has been busy as always, and like many days, I am fighting a headache.

I have it down to a low ache, so am at least upright.

My Duke course started this week.

Here are this morning’s lecture notes:


I find that making a visual or “mind” map of a  mostly verbal (spoken) lecture helps me to better remember it than typical note taking style . While I listened to the lecture I used a pencil to map out the main ideas in one word or short phrases as well as, in some instances pictorial representations. Afterwards I color coded each section and went over my writing in marker and ink pencils.  Then I erased the pencil.

While looking at this again will jog my memory, the very act of creating it helps me to move this information into long term memory.

Visual strategies have been useful not just in my learning, but for the children as well.

Last year Aidan and I created a large character map for the graphic novel he is working on.


It works for taking notes and outlining ideas, but also for presenting projects.  While I like to hand-draw maps, the kids like to use popplet . It is intuitive and does not take long to learn at all.

Click t o see a popplet project of Lily’s from last  year about Benjamin Banneker.

Peter also uses popplet for making maps related to things such as likes and dislikes, his family tree, and animal classification.

An application with more options that I like to use is “Mindomo.” My mindomo visual map about parenting focus and the neuro-divergent child is here.

Both are free use for three maps and then if you want to make more, it costs.  I am not receiving any kind of compensation for recommending them, I just like them.

In the future I’d like to discuss how we use schedules and checklists now, as well as the visual strategies we used before Peter began to read and write.



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