On bullying and school

While many parents homeschool for reactionary reasons concerning poor or religiously incompatable curriculum,  one of my reasons  is personal safety and self esteem.

One winter day three years ago I got a phone call from my son’s math teacher.

“I really think you need to remove Aidan before he gets hurt. I’m really worried.”

I contacted the principal after that phone call. Unfortunately the only thing my raising concerns did was to get the math teacher in trouble.

Later he was attacked.  The four children responsible for knocking my son down and kicking him were not punished.  There was never a single complaint about Aidan. Teachers said he was pleasant  and went out of his way to try to help his peers  with difficult problems.

However that day, the social worker there suggested  a solution to the bullying was social skills lessons. FOR AIDAN.

oh hell no.

I’ve been there before and I won’t stand for it happening to my kids. If the system won’t protect them, then the system is a failure.

A story from me:





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