Frozen assets, visual clutter, strange charm of twitter, and wasted pulp

Morning Minions!

I hope your week went well.

Remember when I complained about the rain?

Well its cold here now, so I shall complain about that.

At -11F, its cold enough to freeze your Winnebago.  Prior to the subzero temps this week, we had our first snow of the year and winter thus far.


As you can see we played in the snow a bit,


nommy snow.

but spent most of the week organizing bedrooms.

I also began organizing and planning in the work room for our next school session.

  A robust lower elementary environment is taking shape, however I find I need to reduce the visual clutter going on for my sensory sensitive students.

Everything is always a work in progress.

 I also continue to try to understand twitter.

My followers are growing but I find it odd how most of them do not and have not ever interacted with me personally. When I see yet another new follower who doesn’t seem to be the least bit interested in what I tweet about,  I think to myself,  “But WHY?” or sometimes “WHO ARE YOU, and WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

I’m pretty sure that’s not a productive attitude to have towards followers, but there you go.

Desiring a “followback” or to sell or promote something only explains for a small percentage of them. I suspect they may think I’m far more useful or important than I am.

Most perplexing follow this week: a diner restaurant in Michigan, which is some distance away.

I did participate in a great twitter chat concerning disability in film. If you twit and like film, you may be interested in joining next week – Saturday 9pm Eastern standard time, under the hashtag #filmdis.

Writing wise I’ve been working on my presentation for a Sherlockian thing in June, and doing research for a different writing project. I have also written and submitted my review for the absolutely horrid children’s motivational book “Same is Lame.” The book is such a waste of paper I don’t want to devote a blog post on it. Reading long complaints about the weather is actually a better use of your time.

In other news:

My neuroscience course has been postponed by Duke U., and one of the lighter/striker thingies on a burner of my gas stove isn’t lighting,

It’s a wild wild life.


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