Happy Happy Cat Cuddles, Paperwork and MOOC.

Good Morning and Happy New Year’s Eve!

Break Time and Relaxed Goals

Like everyone else, we are on a winter break from school. We’ve been doing a little bit of nothing.

DSCN0089 (2)

Patrick chillin with “mouse.”

Unlike everyone else, due to our year round schedule, we will be on that break until nearly February.  We will still be working and playing and learning, but the typical schedule will be gone for a month for more freer exploration.  We’ll work on health related goals and  creative projects. The kids received some awesome brain building presents this year, especially in terms of visual processing, but also problem solving and STEM.

So we shall play.


the children will play.

I have to work on reporting paperwork for the state.


I AM excited about SOME work though.

Visual Mapping and the MOOC

In a week my first neuroscience  course with Duke starts up.

I’ve never tried a mooc before.

It is part of a verified coursera specialization, “Perception, Action, and the Brain.”

perception action

At first I thought I’d start a new blog to log my learning, but I believe I can cover it with just a new section (top tab) on this site. It will be a good example of using visual mapping methods.  I use them for both myself and with the children as it appeals to us more than standard note taking or outlining.

I’m also excited about writing.

I have three book reviews to write this month.  One is scathing, one is positive, and another is mixed.  I’m also thinking of doing some recommendations for older books that are just really damn good.

My personal writing goal for this month “off” is 2000 words a day in made of bi-weekly blog posts, a presentation I’m writing for a Sherlockian conference I’m slated to talk at in June, book reviews mentioned, and another writing project having to do with autism and the media.

It seems like a great deal to do. It probably is. However, I thrive best very busy and with a plan.

So heres to January, and 2015.








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