Tips for Parenting the Neurodivergent Child (Visual Map)

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I can already see things I need to edit, but this is, in a nutshell,  what I find most important in parenting different kids.  It applies to any child labeled with a neurological disorder plus the gifted/unlabeled.

I think what may come naturally within a childhood for typical children, needs actively planned for, for others.

I know some of these suggestions may seem judgmental concerning intensive therapy or cure attempt.  I can’t judge you, I don’t know you, and do not live your life.  However I do feel there is a better way.

Some of it, taken as a whole, may seem extraordinarily time consuming. I assure you, it is. It’s from my perspective and considerable experience.

The lovely thing about advice is we don’t have to follow all of it. We take and use what makes sense for us.





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