Working with Stop Motion Studio Pro (apple app)

Morning! It’s my 100th post! Woohoo!

I’d have some sort of give-a-way but I haven’t the slightest on what ya’ll would like. Maybe I’ll have a better idea when I get to 1K followers.

So instead you get an app recommend.

This past weekend I added a stop motion app to the I-pad called “Stop Motion Studio Pro”  for 4.99USD.

Click here to get to the app’s I-tunes page.

We’ve been making ultra short stop motion movies this week, and have plans to keep going with it to make longer creative shorts and for educational projects.

This is little bee’s animation:

Here is Pete’s:


-The basics (taking shots, playing it back, sharing it) are easy to learn.

My son with major language impairment learned how to use it in less than a minute.

-It orders and animates the pictures for you (no need for photoshop or complex video editing suites)

-It has a green screen option, but we haven’t tried it yet.

-Sound and sound effects can be recorded or imported.


-Beyond the basics  (further editing) takes awhile to figure out and the “help” section isn’t all that helpful.

We needed to delete sound at one point and it took awhile to find out how to do that.

Taking it Further

Yesterday the children watched a video (free prime streaming) about making figures for clay animation and want to give that a try next.

I also have ideas for using as an option for the children in demonstrating learning.

Here a teacher explains how she uses it with her high school students.


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