The Interview cancellation – terrorism or a money problem?

I know, its not the usual subject of the blog…so if you do not care, move along.

Here are some things to keep in mind concerning the cancellation of “The Interview”, gleaned from another who knows more about it that I do.

* there is no confirmation on just how involved North Korea is
*there is no credible threat whatsoever concerning viewing the movie according to homeland security
*this movie was shaping up to be a Christmas BOMB but movie theatres have contracts with distribution companies and so must play their movies regardless.
*the hackers made a threat concerning terrorist attack on Christmas day
*one theatre chain contacted Sony worried about liability should something happen to which Sony responded that concerned theatres wouldn’t have to play it
*all major carriers jumped…like rats off a sinking ship, leaving Sony no choice but to pull it (a 100 million tax loss )

now is this about terrorism? liability? or capitalism?

ask yourself
Do you think they would have refused to play The Hobbit??????

Also ask yourself,

Who benefits from playing this up as being the fault of terrorism?

my answer is.. the news media, the movie theatres, possibly Sony (insurance anyone?), plus anyone who wants to portray American reaction to it in a bad light.

At any rate, I had no plan whatever to see it so I’m not too cut up about it.


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