What can one do against such reckless hate?

Morning Random Internet people!

Looking at my analytics, my top search this week happens to be “potatoes in panty hose”  It’s gratifying to know that while the world seems falling apart, other people are looking for alternative uses for hosiery.

Not really.

I apologize if you’re here to learn about the many uses of hose, because I just don’t care about that today.

It does seem as though the world is increasingly violent, but perhaps it is only my perception based on my newsfeed and network.  Increasing or not, it is very real.

I recognize my privilege, as I do not have to worry about issues that many parents in this world have.

“Privilege” isn’t about what bad people the advantaged are, its about our understanding of issues we don’t have to deal with because of those advantages.

It feels inadequate and somehow… wrong to write about how we learn when children are being shot and teachers set on fire because education is seen as a threat.

It feels trite to talk about our projects and goals, when many children don’t  have access classrooms or enough teachers.

It feels shallow to talk about autism acceptance and my children w/disabilities when minorities w/disabilities most often end up in prison.  (or murdered, or exploited)

It FEELS that way.

What can I do?

And how should I respond?

I don’t know how to change the world.

I think it might be beyond me to ever know.


I do know  that remaining silent about the things on my mind does nothing to help any of those kids.

I do know that regardless of how f*cked up the world is, the world needs each and every one of our voices and the sharing of experiences.

As the late systems scientist Donella Meadows wrote, we must “dance with the system” AND “expose our mental models.”

We MUST express what is on our minds.

We MUST do so whether it is angry and stressed or calm, happy or sad.

THEN we need to be humble and to be open to considering the point of views of others.

to LISTEN to people who are directly affected by issues that are only in our periphery.

We do not need to agree with someone to understand where they are coming from.  We do not need to make people enemies when we disagree.

“Living successfully in a world of systems requires more of us than our ability to calculate. It requires our full humanity–our rationality, our ability to sort out truth from falsehood, our intuition, our compassion, our vision, and our morality.” -Donella Meadows


Click here for more on Ms. Meadows













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