Stuck in the Mire. (Disillusionment and the MOOC)

I began college in the spring of 1994 and through stops and starts, and missteps finished my bachelors degree in 2013. Yup, it took two decades.

It is a Regents Bachelor of Arts from West Virginia University with concentrations in child development and communications.

My development courses are better framed as cognitive development over the lifespan but the Uni just called it all child development.  We studied developmental theories, learning theories, family systems theories, and psychopathology (which is a broad term to mean mental disorders, NOT the study of psychopaths.)

In communications I took course in communication types, cultural differences, as well as  a few media courses on the portrayal of minority in the media.

Professors urged me to continue as my work was continuously called graduate level. This is not bragging. It’s the truth.

I’d borrowed, borrowed and borrowed so much money, the idea of borrowing more to continue my studies was just not a possibility. Time, my most cherished resource, is limited.  On top of that, I’m not a very good a**-kisser which a certain amount seems necessary in academia, and really I do not believe one’s bought qualifications should be a basis for respect.

Also, I feel disillusioned.  There is a disconnect among the disciplines I studied that is quite vast. For example, much of what we know about learning is not put to practice in most educational environments outside of preschool. Another is that while we understand that behavior is complex and often the result of systemic issues (family systems theory), we rush to label, medicate , and blame the label (pathology) because it’s easier.

I am torn between the medical model of disability and the social, and frustrated that more do not agree that its a little bit of both.  All of this draws me  into activism kicking and screaming, “I’m just a mom! I don’t belong here!”

I’m stuck in a moor of the muddy science of psychology. It is so soft it sucks you down.


I want to learn a hard science.  Hopefully, like setting a board across a muddy path it will help me move forward.  Yet, again, I haven’t the money, time or desire to throw several more thousand at an institution.

The solution as it stands at the moment is the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). I’m going to work on Duke University’s Neuroscience Certificate through Coursera starting this January. This will consist of three online classes and a capstone project.

My thought is to start a learning blog for that journey, though I still hope to blog here twice a week as well.

I hope to leave it on firmer ground.


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