Free Resource for Ecology and Environmental Studies

I meant to make a vlog today, but it just didn’t happen.

I spent most of the day laying in bed with a migraine wishing I had my very own trepanning kit in order to relieve the pressure in my head.

Ten hours later, its subsided to a dull ache and an overwhelming feeling of fatigue. I’ve lost the light necessary to make a vid and won’t have time to make one tomorrow.

but  BUT  BUT!!!

I do have a very cool resource to share with my  U.S readers.

The USDA forestry service produces educational magazines all about ecology called the “Natural Enquirer” and provides them FREE (you don’t even need to pay shipping) to educators (school/homeschool/community education, you name it).

A few days ago I requested a sample pack. Dude. Look what they sent me!!!!! It looks to be one of every copy since 2011!


These are visually appealing and

  • are full of relevant ecology issues such as invasive species and climate change


  • are aligned with National Science Education Standards (very useful to the classroom teacher but also important for some homeschool documentation needs)


  • contain glossaries, diagrams, “meet the scientists,”  discussion and reflection sections

You can order your own here:



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