It weighs on my mind, so here, books.

Hello random mostly anonymous blog readers!!

Did you  miss me?



I missed YOU.

Its been a quiet blog week, mostly because many things are heavy on my mind.  I can’t decide what to write about.  Thoughts ranges from

  • the mistaken notion that autistic children cannot bond with their parents (this will probably be a vlog) This makes me angry.


  • how to know and guide children in emerging skills, when to back up, when to take a break.  Lauren over at Teacher Learns to Code was curious of my thoughts on that (could be a few posts). This makes me feel philosophical.


  • to the importance of play and the pathologization of un-typical play (that’s a post). This intrigues the side of me interested in child development. Hey its what I earned a degree in.


  •  to another child murdered,  that’s just, never ending…( I mean it when I say, if you don’t want your autistic kid just send him here, we’ll figure out a way to manage that doesn’t include murder or abuse, because there is always another way) This just makes me cry.


  • to treating celebrities  like half price turkeys on display at the market.  We hang on their every word and then condemn them when they inevitably say something ignorant. We are free to comment on all the intimate details of their lives and balk when they get weird about it. (probably not a post) This just irritates me.


  • to the mean spirited-ness that pervades everything anymore (methinks if people refuse to be civil, they at least need lessens in insulting people)

SO I decided, to break the silence, I’d talk about our reading!

Cuz that’s totally connected right? RIGHT?!?

Along with hands on work, we read.

We read a great deal.

Much of our history, cultural, and science learning is covered during reading time.

These are the books we read this week.


I’m reading:
“Enforcing Normalcy-Disability Deafness and the Body” and
“No Pity” People with Disabilities forging a New Civil Right Movement.  Lately, I’ve been finding reading time in the afternoons. This is my latest interest, though I haven’t the “spoons” to be an activist per se.
Aidan finished “Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain and began reading a collection of his short stories as his assigned one hour of literature. For his hour of nonfiction where selection is his choice, Aidan is reading a history of comics and graphic novels. Lastly, he is re-reading Percy Jackson for fun.

Aidan reads for about 3 hours a day.

Lily finished a magazine on Lewis and Clark (not shown here), a Pioneer Children book, biographies on Pasteur, Edison, and Tesla, as well as a Ramona Quimby book, and Nancy Drew mystery. Currently, she is reading an American Tall tales book and biography on Isaac Newton. She reads an hour of fiction, and an hour of non-fiction daily, choosing from our book collection.

The other children have a daily story time and Pete reads aloud from readers all shown in the pic. He also takes books to bed with him. Its always the same ones so I don’t list them here.

This weekend I have a free Sherlockian thing (the mother of all special interests) downtown to attend, but I also will hopefully get to another vlog tomorrow afternoon to post about things developing this week.

 So till, hopefully tomorrow, adieu.


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