Sexy times with the angiosperms

This is a wrap up post for our three day seed/fruit unit study.

After we learned about what a fruit is, and how seeds are dispersed in general, we backed it up a bit and looked at – How is a seed created?

We watched videos, looked for more seeds outside, and completed some more traditional hands on work from the botany shelves.

Videos for our seed study:

Brief Description of Fruit Development

Time Lapse -Watching flowers become fruit

Crash course Biology

The section on angiosperms (video description included links to video sections)

The children watched all the videos together, even the littles watched crash course biology.

Hands on Work -from the Botany Shelves

Aidan (14) traced the flower from our three part cards and then made two separate  drawings focusing on the male and female parts of the plant


Bee (10) and Tessa (5) traced and labeled a flower from the  botany chart


and the other boys completed traditional three part card work.


We talked about how the flower produces a seed and the role of insects in pollination.

So ends what Aidan calls “the weirdest school week ever.”  Both and he and Lily will need to work on their writing and math tomorrow while I’m at that meeting, but in general, that wraps the week up.







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