Have Canoe, Will Drift- Nature Quest Fest

Nature Quest 2014 is done!

This past Saturday was the “Nature Quest Fest” for families who completed at least five trails in Baltimore County’s “Nature Quest” which included drawings for prizes and a grand prize for participants that completed nine or more.

We didn’t reach our goal of nine, mostly because of weather/transportation issues. I didn’t take two of the boys to the fest because I felt that they wouldn’t enjoy themselves, or be able to manage that long of a day.  I respect their sensory issues enough not to try to force them into something they wouldn’t enjoy just for the sake of “family togetherness.”

Quest Fest included the usual food and face painting as well as activities put on by the different parks.

We looked at reptiles,


and painted with dye made from black walnut hulls.


I plan on giving this a try at home, if I get to it, it will be blogged.


We also looked at   Native American instruments/tools, and tried our hand at archery with  a basic bow design.


Bee found it much more challenging than her usual bow, but she hit the target!

They also offered free canoeing on the dam lake.


See everyone happy?  Happiness turned to frustration about twenty minutes later because huge gusts of  wind were blowing us all over the lake. When I had us righted again, we’d paddle awhile, and then again the wind would blow us off course.  Bee was front paddler and began to get very tired fighting the drifting of the canoe. I was as well.  We ended up needing towed back to dock.They found getting towed kind of exciting.

Afterwards, we went in search of food.  Myself and the two I didn’t bring have diagnosed gluten allergy, and as  predicted, there was nothing there gluten free save for potato chips. It is  not typical for organizers to have the time or resources to  consider all possible allergies.

We did win something, a gift basket from Oregon Ridge Nature Center including a bird feeder, t shirts, ball cap, and some of their honey and maple syrup!


Aidan and Bee are already talking about “next year.” I’ll be happy getting back to hiking at our more local parks, but am definitely up for doing it  again.




One thought on “Have Canoe, Will Drift- Nature Quest Fest

  1. h4rrish4wk says:

    Sounds like a great day out (even if somethings were frustrating). Mum likes your “Canadian style canoe” when I showed her the picture (she used to be a kayak instructor… For the army officer cadets at Uni).

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