SandyHook solution: strip homeschoolers’ rights and stigmatize the mentally disabled

I had not seen this in  the news until now.

In response to the Sandy Hook Massacre,  The governor of Connecticut,  Dannel P. Malloy  created the Sandy Hook advisory council  to determine what actions could be taken to reduce risk of further tragedy.

What recommendation did they come up with the decrease future school violence?

Requiring stricter homeschool oversight of mentally disabled students. 

Under the proposal, home-schooled children with behavioral and emotional disabilities would have to have individualized education plans approved by the special education director of the local public school district. Allowing for the continued home-schooling of such children would be predicated on the individualized plans and “adequate progress” documented in mandatory annual reports.

Adam Lanza was twenty years old, homeschooled for only the last two years of highschool, and in the public education setting the entire rest of the time. Yet the solution to school shootings is monitoring disabled homeschooled kids and holding their parents to a different set of standards than current Connecticut homeschool law requires?


The reasons being because of “the risk in not addressing social and emotional learning needs of children who may have significant needs in that area who are home-schooled.”

That PRESSUMES  two things

Presumption One

Homeschool parents of children with social and emotional disabilities are not as capable of determining the social and emotional needs of their children as the school system.

The school system had Adam Lanza for 16 years. His parents attempted to get him help, and it was apparent  early on that his problems weren’t addressed. Saying that they can somehow do a better job in meeting student’s needs leaves me incredulous.

I  WITHDREW my sons because of their social and emotional learning needs.


Presumption two:

Our disabled children are potential powder kegs. It assumes there is some sort of heightened risk for violence because of their conditions when there is no data to validate that, or the previous assumption.

It is “the  disabled are  dangerous” trope that encourages stigma.

Never mind that the disabled are more likely to be victims of crimes than perpetrators, or that disabled children are more likely to be bullied than their non-disabled peers.

Many parents pull their children over concern for THEIR health and safety at the hands of typical children.

I  hope that people of Connecticut don’t stand for this scapegoating.











7 thoughts on “SandyHook solution: strip homeschoolers’ rights and stigmatize the mentally disabled

    • amandasmills says:

      right now, its just a recommendation, I do think if the governor proceeds in trying to make it law protest is in order…but the people in the best position to fight it are the people of Connecticut. Traditionally, disability rights persons are liberal while homeschooling rights are conservative, I hope people in both communities will put their differences aside in this.

      • h4rrish4wk says:

        Well – everyone has a horse in that race. So it seems a good idea. The facts are out there to be seen, I don’t see that the conservatives relishing people muscling in on their freedom to control their children’s curriculum at home based on the actions of someone who spent 16 years in main stream school, and I don’t see disability rights activists standing for this kind of discrimination. If it does go into law everyone loses.

        I do hope other people point out how long Adam Lanza was in the school district for in any sort of debate with the people pushing this.

  1. galacticexplorer says:

    *Sigh* This is a pretty wrong-headed response from the commission. I am 100% in favor of more homeschooling regulations, but these regulations should not be for disabled children only. To single them out seems like a recipe for a greater stigma than the one they must already face. Dislike.

    • h4rrish4wk says:

      Sure – there should be more regulations for homeschooling in general- however my issue with putting in more for disabled children is that they will then start to force parents to use the same methods that don’t work and are wrong for their children – at home rather than in school.

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