Mostly Harmless Electricians and Salamanders

Morning Peeps!

Are you morning people?

I am not, which is why I get up early.

I keep my phone  in my kitchen.  I let it charge there and that is its location when its alarm goes off about quarter to five every morning. Having the alarm an entire floor away makes it less torturous than it would be if it were nearby.  I get up that early to center myself, figure out my to-do list, and get some writing in whilst guzzling coffee.


On Saturdays, I sometimes skip this and dare to “sleep in” till 7.  The children spend nearly every weekend with their father so I have more morning time to get moving.  This morning though, the alarm was set  because I have electricians coming this afternoon to get my electric meter up to standard.  I know it sounds like a simple thing, but the thought has me on edge.


I’m feeling anxious about letting unknown walking/talking variables into my house, but I am keeping in mind that they are probably, like the rest of the human race, MOSTLY harmless.


I need time to prepare mentally for this, plus I wanted to share our finds this week.

Our first week of fall home school went very well. We managed to record some amphibians for MARA (our state herp database).

Nature speaks to us in many ways, but a good indicator of ecosystem health is the presence (or lack of) amphibians.

We visited Robert E. Lee park,



looked both ways and crossed the light rail tracks,

CAM00092 CAM00093 CAM00094

rolled logs to find numerous earthworms and a toad (not sure the species, I just sent a pic in to MARA, hope they needed him),


and found a red backed salamander.


Finally, we found our seventh nature quest marker,


well, sort of.

It was cheering to see so many indicators of eco-health, sadly it has not been the case many places we visited this past summer.

Tessa (5) told everyone we met today she was a “creature venturer on a nature quest.” She also chatted to several people about the wonderfulness of earthworms.
On the way back she was getting tired.
“My legs hurt. My feet hurt.”
“That is one of the hard parts of being a creature adventurer Tess, unfortunately the only way to get back is to walk back the way we came.”
“Yeah, maybe.”  She was quiet for a few moments.  “But Chris and Martin (the Kratt brothers, hosts of a national geographic series we have on DVD) they have a car fing (jeep)!”

That they do, as well as a production crew.

I am a production crew of one so,

its time to get to my to-do list.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Mostly Harmless Electricians and Salamanders

  1. dkjsv05 says:

    No, I am not a morning person. Being an introvert I too must prepare myself for anything that interrupts our schedule and then need time downtime afterwards. Grocery shopping is a huge drainer. 🙂

    • amandasmills says:

      Agreed, I try to get the week in groceries all in one go, when I had more space, (kitchen is tiny now) I had a monthly trip to stock the pantry and then maybe had one or two trips for the odd item – just to avoid the grocery store 🙂

  2. h4rrish4wk says:

    We actually got two coffee cups with a variation on that design for my Uncle David (of course – they’re translucent because I was the one that made sure of that – so that you can actually see where the coffee is).

    I’m not a morning person – but I tend to default to tea instead of coffee.

    • amandasmills says:

      better for you anyway…tea has more antioxidants. i picked up coffee drinking at 13, my sister and I used to be able to empty a massive percolator,sort you might see at a church function. Then I would drink tea after that was gone. Now that I’m an ooooolllld lady, I’m down to three cups or fewer and no afternoon caffeine at all- messes with my sleep otherwise.

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