I am a person of contradictions.

I think this makes me, not fit, exactly, into anyone camp or label or philosophy.

On the lighter side, I like classical piano,

and independent rap.

I’m a tea snob, I will drink any coffee as long as its black.

I’m a lady. I’m gender neutral.

I rail against many things, I happen to love in many respects.

More seriously,

I believe strongly in inclusion of the disabled in mainstream classrooms if that is where they want to be.

However the main stream classroom  is not always the best, and certainly not the only atmosphere where meaningful learning takes place.

I believe that much difficulty experienced by persons on the autism spectrum is created by society.

And yet, there are features of our neurology like sensory issues, and communication problems that makes autism disabling. Even so, I do not chase after the “hope” of cure, and the all the assumptions about human worth that go along with that misplaced “hope.”

I am knowledgeable of quite a few things, and overwhelmingly ignorant of quite a few more. Sometimes it is because I don’t care, but often it is just out of my experience.  When I recognize I know little to nothing about something, I try to listen.  I hope to be open to different perspectives.

I try not to speak for others whose lives I do not share, experiences I cannot claim.

There is just one thing, one thing most important to me. It’s more important to friends, to relationships, to anything,

and that is-

How a person treats others. If they cannot treat their fellow human beings as they would want to be treated. If they cannot admit when they have failed at this, or take responsibility for their actions. If they refuse to listen to persons with first hand experiences and belittle other perspectives, if they give half-ass non apologies- Then I have no more time for them.

I recently cut contact with a “friend” who couldn’t own up to his behavior, or acknowledge how it hurt others. He claimed I couldn’t be a “real” friend. I don’t value friendship over integrity and honour.


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