Nature Quest -Cromwell Valley Park

The van saga/creepy drunk dude trying to break in derailed our nature quest plans. We’ve only a few more weeks before the deadline to fill up our passbook.

Today we went to Cromwell Valley State Park. It’s a lovely spot.


Our quest marker was on Minebank Run Trail, an easy walk alongside a creek.


There are three lime kilns along this trail. They operated between 1790 and 1920.


“Last one up the hill is a rotten dinosaur egg!”

That would be me.


Up that hill was the Nature Quest marker! Another one down.

Nature Study isn’t a thing you plan, its a thing you just go and do.

You go out into nature and let the children explore…then you talk to them/make observations about what they bring to you.

So today we talked,


insects, (he was missing a leg when i caught him)


Walnuts and earthworms. Tessa found six earthworms today and was very pleased about it. We had to take all of their pictures.


Aidan found harvestmen (daddy long legs) and tried to ricochet rocks across the creek to hit a certain point.  I think I’ll just start calling him “cheekbones.”


a teeny crustacean (pill bug, roly poly)

We also saw frogs,and a millipede.

Friday we’ll go back to look for the second marker.


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