On Literature for Children and Co-creating Meaning

One of my fav. is Stellaluna -about accepting differences

“Trumpet of the Swan” -Louis couldnt “talk” like a Swan,, so he found another way.

“Wind in the Willows” – numerous reasons on this one. I often felt like Mole as a child- exploring a sometimes confusing world.

The Hobbit- the heroes journey and a child’s story.

Thirty Days of Autism

AKA: For Sophie with Love…

I read Kate DiCamillo’s Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulaneto H a couple of years ago. We both loved it! It is a raw but touching tale about being yourself and love and acceptance – and it has parts that made both of us cry. We need to be giving children literature like this: powerful books with so many layers, and so rich in meaning and depth.

Despereaux Sketch.jpgI also read Kate DiCamillo’s The Tale of Despereaux  to both H and my primary class. Hard not to cry for that one too. Thus, my son and students got to see an adult in their lives cry. I think that is a gift to them – an authentic response to good literature… and a glimpse into our inner workings. When we share our appraisal, we gift them with our sensitivity. There is power in the message:

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