He is a perceptive young man.

The children slept through the entire drama this morning, so I decided not to tell them and so scare or worry them as the whole incident with the van has them on edge too.

The moment everyone but he and i were in bed, the teen boy cornered me in the kitchen.
“Yeah ok mom, whats going on?”
“Something happened.”  *crosses arms and frowns at me*
“Oh you heard it?”
“i didn’t hear anything. You’re acting different, and I saw the pipe stuffed behind the radiator. SO what didn’t I hear?”

So i told him about this morning.

He promises not to bring it up with his siblings.

His word is good.

(bought a tracfone for 20 until i can get to working out a new virgin mobile plan phone, and then will use if for back up)


One thought on “He is a perceptive young man.

  1. h4rrish4wk says:

    I both love and loathe when I have family member’s like that. They’re wonderful when you need to get something out in the open but don’t know how or when to bring it up – but it’s hell if you want to keep something a secret.

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