4am attempted break in.

Hyper vigilance from PTSD paid off this morning. I’m a light sleeper because of it. Even when calm I am in a high state of alert and since the break in to the van, doubly so. I mentioned, anxiety has been high this week.

I also have good hearing.

This morning, I woke to this odd soft noise.  Thum thum thump. Door rattle.

Then a loud pounding noise, back to thum thump.

I went upstairs.  Grabbed a kitchen knife. Looking all around.

No one was at the front door, no one at the downstairs side. No-one at the back up-stairs porch So the only other door was the back door that leads into the unfinished basement area.  Its a pretty impenetrable door, dead bolted.  There are no windows right at the door so i opened the window directly above it and looked down. Now that area has a little porch roof, so I can’t look straight down.


I saw little flashes of movement.

Someone was down there trying to hide. I yelled at them to go and they ran out from under and up the stairs to that backdoor and started slamming that door. (also a nice solid door)

lt was a light skinned black man, 6 ft. wearing sweatshirt with a faded emblem, filthy blue jeans, ball cap, glasses, yelling something unintelligible at me, and slamming his body into the back door.

My alarm system has been broken (vector security, tip- never use them) and my phone broken (yesterday, cannot believe my luck) and not yet replaced,

So I ran out the front door (it locks as it shuts, i had grabbed my keys) and across the street to a neighbors and asked to use their phone. I told 911 my children were still in the house and I was going back. The neighbor gave me a large pipe, and I ran back. I checked on the kids and stood on the stairway to their bedrooms (its a tall city row home, I didn’t know whether he’d gotten in or not) with the pipe until I heard the police out back – yelling at the guy.

He was DRUNK (possibly high?). Insisting to the police he wasn’t breaking in because he lived here and I was his sister.

All that happened after that, was that he got a ride home.


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