Dusting for fingerprints and Pop Bottle Bioconverters

This morning Tessa (5) asked me, “Did the police catch the robbers that broke the van?”

“No, they aren’t even looking for them, they just took a report.”

“Hmmm. ok. I got this. What were they wearing?”

I told her I didnt know, I didn’t see, then her “blankie” gave me a hug. Others want to dust the van for prints.

It’s too late though, crime scene has been compromised and anyway triple A towed it to the closest mechanic for me. I should have an estimate on just how unaffordable this nightmare will be by tomorrow some time.

In the mean time, life goes on.  Aidan and Lily will be doing a project this fall using pop bottle bio converters. They got their marching orders this morning.  (this covers science, social studies, and writing)


1. RESEARCH the science and history of composting

-create a mindmap of relevant links and information concerning composting/bioconversion adding to as your project progresses.  (Sept-Dec)

2. CREATE Two pop bottle bioconverters and make them exactly alike except for ONE difference in either design or contents.

Hypothesize about what change (difference) in product may occur. (September)

3. RECORD regular measurements of volume, temp, ph, and visual observations

(may also wet mount to observe micro-organisms)

Research should give you an idea of what to expect (Sept.-Dec. 10)


-Weekly blog updates (begin Sept. 19th)

-Powerpoint presentation (Begin November – Due before winter break

-A youtube video with pre-written script/storyboard -include data, graphs, conclusions.

I’m also going to ask them, to think of ways we could start composting our kitchen waste to cut down our trash output WITHOUT also feeding the city rats. Recycling keeps us to just one trash can a week, but I think composting could lessen even that.

We’ll use whatever our output of compost is for our container gardening.

Spring is going to be all about clean water (as a top concern for the third world, and the science behind water filtration).


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