Being victimized.

To the person who tried to steal my van,

You just made my life 1000 times harder. I doubt you care. I wish you could explain to me how someone could be so conscience-less because as many times as I witness how horrible people are, I don’t get it.

I want to think that who I am, (a disabled single mother with disabled children) never crossed your mind. You aren’t my neighbor. My neighbors are good people.

Yet even if you don’t know who I am, the brain cells you used to break into my car, and rip out the ignition could also be used to put together a bit about me.

You couldn’t miss the numerous safety seats in my van, or the neurodiversity stickers on the back, or fail to easily piece together that some of us are disabled. Simple basic thinking looking at how beat up it was, and the complete lack of valuables, could probably indicate the owner isn’t well off.

So I simply must conclude you’re a heartless asshole.

A heartless asshole who can’t steal a car properly.

I don’t hate you and I’m not angry.

No hate is wasted energy.

I’m heartbroken.

I don’t have the money to repair the mess you made and my insurance won’t cover it.

Your inept attempt at theft took away our only means of transportation. You took my independence.

Not that you care.

Hope you enjoy the Bastille CD.




11 thoughts on “Being victimized.

  1. agrajag says:

    Ouch ! That sucks ! What an asshole. I agree, there should be plenty of clues for any thinking and caring human being that someone *needed* that car.

    Any clue what it’ll cost to fix the broken ignition and whatever other parts are now broken ?

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