Doctor Ten got his arse kicked, but not the French way.

I’m tired.  I’m more than tired, I feel done for the day.

I took miss bee (10) to ComiconBaltimore.

She was a storm trooper. I just went as the storm trooper’s mom as I couldn’t think of anything Star Wars I could possibly pull off.

(yeah, yeah, they’re clones, but ya know, suspension of disbelief is necessary in any serious cos-play)

It was so so crowded, and became more so as it went on. We made it two hours before the ever increasing desire to run away won out. The press of the people is the problem for me and crowds in general. If there are open spaces to breath, if there are places to retreat to, it goes alright.  There were open spaces and places to sit, at first.  More and more people kept piling in until I had to hold the child’s hand not to lose her and people were bumping into each other.

Happily, Miss Bee was tired and wanted to go just prior to me leaving whether she wanted to or not.

I can understand her being tired, she fought many battles.

She even kicked Doctor Ten’s arse.  Sonic Screwdriver’s are nuthin when you’ve got a blaster at your side Doctor.


(picture above shows bee dressed as a storm trooper holding a blaster on an absolutely brilliant doctor ten)

It was a week of our first month off official school schedule since May and I spent it exhausted.  Nightmares have been bad.  Usually, I have nightmares every night. This week in particular they have been bad. Bloody walls, broken glass, bullets to the eye, bad. My subconscious, she hates me. (why cant she throw in run of the mill ones? a good sex dream would be ideal, but I’ll take run of the mill typical)

My days have been spent feeling extra lethargic I think from the diminished sleep quality.

I’ve not been productive in any of my current projects or goals and in general its been blah.  (I did get a proposal to speak at a Holmesian convention accepted, that was cool).

The kids have been keeping themselves occupied even though, I’ve been totally boring.

Tessa (5) has been minecrafting.

Spawning different monsters she has been asking me to type signs for them. I throw in sneaky phonics review. “Let’s see, lovely starts with an llllll sounds, what letter makes an llllll sound?”


As you can see in the picture above,  “lovely the friendly creeper not in the french way” is in a cage.  Why?

“I need to be safe from her.”

“I thought she was friendly?”

“I’m her friend, but she still needs a cage.”

I asked her what was the french way?

“I don’t know, just definitely not.”

While my relatives growing up had some rather mean things to say about the French, she isn’t getting that from me.

Pete spent the week watching documentaries on different composers (Liszt, Bach, Chopin are the ones i remember, i think i heard some Vivaldi,  I didn’t watch with him) and the Civil War.

I’m not sure how it happened, but Patrick turned eight.  He’s still a little dude.  He spent the week playing with his b-day pressies. It was also the anniversary of my fathers’ death, eight years now.  Its difficult to articulate how I feel about that without going into one of those “story of my life”  stories, and I don’t feel like it.

Aidan and Miss Bee spent every day making robots with Lego Mindstorms.

Things could have gone worse. Next week fall music lessons start. We’re also going to make some pop/soda (whatev) bottle bio-reactors following cornell edu’s instructions. I’ll blog on that one.


I need to get up off my arse (or rather, keep sitting on it) and write something outside of blog posts.



One thought on “Doctor Ten got his arse kicked, but not the French way.

  1. h4rrish4wk says:

    If it would help you get your “ideal” dream I’d write you some on-demand erotica but I think our relationship is no where near secure enough for me to be comfortable doing that nor you to be comfortable reading it…. soo – you merely have my sympathies on the poor dreams.

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