An Explitive Laden Lesson in SET and Logic (for ignorant intellectuals)

Let’s have a lesson in SET and Logic.

Specifically, universals and particulars


 ALL objects in the known “Universe” (what we’re discussing) have the same property P

Today we’re discussing Autism, so autism is our universe.

ALL (theres our universal) persons diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder share variations of symptom criteria (P) in reactions to sensory input, communication and social relationships and repetitiveness in interests, movements, and/or patterns of behavior.

THAT is IT, in terms of universals.

(universal statements can also be negative -all in a set do NOT have a particular property-see chart at the end)

Everything else about the autism spectrum is a particular statement.

We are NOT all happy, suffering, successful, failures, difficult, not difficult, rude, polite, geniuses, savants  or intellectually challenged. Those that are intellectually challenged are not all unhappy or unsuccessful.

These are the particulars of life than manifest differently for every single person.

You could say this concerning all those with disabilities, and the human race in general.  (not to mention happiness and success are subjective)

We  do not know, cannot know or predict with absolute certainty how well ANY individual will do in life.

In the last twenty four hours I’ve:

1.  been told I’m “brave” for parenting my children. To that man I laughed and said “HA!” and walked away. I really should have said  “Fuck You.”

2.  read that we should decide whether or not to abort someone with Downs or Autism based on how happy we think they will be. If we choose not to, that It’s somehow unethical or cruel to have a child with different neurology/chromosomes. This coming from people who are supposedly intelligent. Fuck you Richard Dawkins, and your entire ilk . (No he didn’t mention Autism but his statements spawned similar statements concerning Autistics and other cognitive disabilities)

Pulling universal statements  out your ass affects how people see and then treat my myself and my children and my broader community, so I do indeed take it personally.

I’d think Dawkins of all people would have learned this early on prior to his Oxford Education.



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