Our reading area, and a place to crash


This is our reading area/ sensory friendly place to crash.

Many autism related sites recommend having a special area for our autistic children to crash when need be.  While I’ve seen sometimes whole rooms dedicated to it, that much planning (and cost!) may not be necessary.

We use this spot to snuggle up for storytime, for Aidan and Lily to read quietly, and Aidan even uses it to work. BUT the guy who loves this area the most is my son Pete.  He’s my guy with the classic autism diagnosis. It transforms quickly into a low sensory stimuli environment. After our work time, he loves switching the lights off and piling the blankets (folded in the corner)  and pillows on.  There is also a noise machine on the little stand to the right.

On the walls –

  • Massive map of Maryland, Washington D.C and bordering states with our house and dad’s house marked
  • Ages of the earth poster.
  • Ancient Civ. timeline from 5000 bce to common era
  • Some early (her tempera paint period) Tessa work.

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