Hands on science 2 – The Botany/Ecology Shelves

We’re almost at the end of my series on the hands on materials I use to teach my kids, three of whom happen to be on the autism spectrum.  Once its finished (one more bookcase after this, plus one post on what the teen uses for “hands on.” ) I’ll put up a master post and link to in the home school section so it is all easy to find.

Today – It’s Botany/Ecology

Before we get into the shelf I want to explain that much of “botany/ecology” study is done through media, nature study and hands on and NOT in our work room.

We sprout seeds, are growing sweet potatoes, take care of plants, and often have projects, such as creating a closed terrarium to simulate the water cycle.  We also have several books (not shown) on Biomes and Food web as well as Bill Nye videos on ecology topics.

That said, Here are our botany/ecology shelves


1.  Botany three parts card sets:

  • Parts of a plant
  • The root system
  • Parts of a Leaf
  • Parts of a Stem
  • Parts of a Flower
  • Parts of a Seed

Most are quite detailed:


2. Fandex tree identification and some laminated pressed leaves from previous walks

3. Life Cycle Work both apple tree and bean plant



We DO sometimes hang out in our pajamas all morning.

4.  Parts of a Tree and Definition Cards

5. Botany Charts for Tracing


6. Books



7. Into the Forest (Food Web Game)


It’s like playing War, but with animals and plants.

8.  Coral Reef Puzzle

I’m unhappy with this shelf to be honest, I think it needs more varied work beyond mostly three part cards and I want to introduce something for the carbon cycle and water cycle

Next up in this series: Zoology.


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