If I knew a Picasso -would he art with shikabob sticks?

I should have known my attempt to develop portrait skills would get weird.

I can never seem to keep with a plan.

The plan to practice realistic portrait this summer because I suck at it and feel intimidated by faces, became rather fauvist rather fast.

I’m not wringing my hands over it… I stil think I’m doing well, errr, a little better.

basic idea down with oil pastel with acrylic over the top blotted with scrunched up coffee filter for that mottled look, details scratched in with a shishkabob stick.



oh well. The point was to try to feel less intimidated in trying, because faces are so very…complicated. That has gotten better.

Picasso wasnt too into realistic eitherself-portrait-1907

Picasso self portrait 1907


4 thoughts on “If I knew a Picasso -would he art with shikabob sticks?

  1. h4rrish4wk says:

    You know – You’re not HALF as bad as you assert you are – you should see some of my free-hand work before you put yourself down.

  2. Chrys Jordan says:

    I should send you an E-mail of an image I downloaded from a Google search … a graphic list of facial expression.

    That might be helpful to you.

    I confess I found it hard to begin drawing them at first. It felt strange/wrong. But after 2 days of hesitating, I did it.

    Would that help?

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